Coronavirus Recommendations


By:Emiliano Montiel

The virus that has alerted all the world for this months is called coronavirus,

But first we need to know what is the coronavirus,

The coronavirus is a virus that causes many health problems, but recently the illness that has alerted the world is called COVID-19, some of the first cases of this illness were found in China, & some of the countries that have more cases of this illness are:





But the good part of all of these is that most of the people with the coronavirus are now good, take as an example China were only the 4% of people with COVID-19 are dead while the 87% have been cured, and even if it’s not very deadly for people under 50 years old & people with a good immune system, it is a virus that has spread very fast throughout the world, many people have & it’s probable that you can also have it.

But if you don’t want to have that illness you need to follow some recommendations:

*Stay home and only go out for food & other important resources.

*Wash your hands frecuently.

*Avoid contact with some people

*Do not greet people by kissing or hugging.Do not buy things for fear that they will end, so there will be less production of expensive products and so many things will not be spent.

At the end it’s a very bad pandemia but being realistic, we all know that the media is overacting, because the illness is mortal to people with a bad immune system and people above 50 years old, and people under that age can get that illness, but they can be cured and get well soon, but if you think you have the symptoms of the illness I recommend you to go to the doctor, & if you have it stay home & don’t go out, but if it’s very bad you need to go to the hospital & receive treatment there.

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